Christine Leach, 21

Before I came to YouthBuild, I was a high school dropout that would ditch school to go get high. I was drinking a lot and I would hang out with my friends instead of studying. I would sell bud to youngsters and work so I could eat.

When I had my daughter, that's when I knew I had to change my life so I can make a good life for her. I was tired of being the one that hadn't finished school or done anything to further my education. I didn't want to have that kind of life because I probably would have ended up in jail or dead.

YouthBuild has made a big impact on my life. They help you stay out of trouble and help you with your education. I have gotten a little older now. I want to get all the education my little brain can handle, and I'm not afraid of going to school. My whole attitude has changed and I'm going to make it stay like that.