Moses Uribe, 21

I dropped out of high school my freshman year.
I got certified in Culinary Arts at Job Corps, and started working in the restaurant business. I didn't care that I had no GED or high school diploma.

After about four years, I noticed that I was going nowhere. Everybody wants to see your paperwork and diploma. That was about the same time I saw my little sister graduate from high school. I started thinking that I needed to have more knowledge for people to look at me differently.

One day, I was looking in the newspaper and saw a YouthBuild ad for high school dropouts. The moment I got interviewed, I knew it was a good offer.
Since I've been in YouthBuild, everybody I know has been encouraging me to finish. It was hard to stay focused at first, but I wanted it too bad to let it go, so I made it a priority. I knew that YouthBuild would only pick people they knew would give 100%.