Web Design & Electronic Presentations
Develop, design, maintain & update websites and web based presentations.
Web Design All of these websites originally had their own domain. I recently posted them on my website to demonstrate examples of pages I have designed. All content (text) was provided by the clients.
This is a family website and was originally posted on the server of our Internet service provider in Norway. It includes a family photo gallery and favorite links.
This was The City of Albuquerque Planning Department's web site in 2003. It was recently redesigned to conform to the new City of Albuquerque web standards - it is no longer the official website. The basic structure currently still exisits. I have posted two pages (the home page & Planning Program) as samples on my website. All but a few of the links have been deactivated.

Electronic (html) Presentations

This is one of the many electronic presentations I designed utilizing Dreamweaver. These presentations were never designed with the intent to post on the web but rather to be used as electronic presentations (similar to Power Point presentations) presented to large groups utilizing a web browser, lap top and projector. Some of these presentations included video, flash animation and animated giffs. All presentations were designed to display at 800 x 600 dpi utilizing the full screen option in Internet Explorer.
Other Electronic (html) Presentations all produced for the City of Albuquerque Planning Department

Tim's Knives - test site