YouthBuild Albuquerque is a member of the YouthBuild USA Affiliate Network

Mission Statement

YouthBuild Albuquerque is committed to utilizing our communities' greatest assets, the creativity, energy and wisdom of youth to build healthier communities. YouthBuild Albuquerque's mission is to build employable skills and academic competence in young people while at the same time enhance the leadership and service capabilities of youth. This comprehensive program includes building affordable housing, training in leadership development, and learning job skills - how to get and excel in work.

2002-2003 Pledge

We, YouthBuild trainees, will stand tall for who we are and for what we do for our families and children.
We are here today to better ourselves and further our education.
We take responsibility for our future.
Standing together as a family, through sacrifice and determination, we make a commitment to help the less fortunate and to make our community a safer place.
We will always take advantage of our second chance because it may be our last.
We know the journey will be hard but we will endure.

Written by YouthBuild Trainees


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